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"Observing today's Christian makes me more forgiving of Yesterday's Roman."

-Shanghai Road

Well I've been out walking
I don't do that much talking these days
These days I seem to think a lot
About the things that I forgot to do
And all the time I had the chance to

-Jackson Browne

Money  and greed know NO boundary.  Money and greed are not color blind.  A few black people owned black slaves during the time of slavery, especially in Louisiana and South Carolina.

Anthony Johnson a black man was awarded indefinite rights to another black man John Casor in 1655 and is considered to be the first person in America to own a black slave.

So, am I surprised that black Americans are members of the Republican Party? 

Not in the least.

You confuse being black with being a democrat.  Democrats don't criticize black people for being black but for being Republican.

Black people, like gay people, have no choice in being born black or gay, but they do have a choice is being Republican.

Black Americans who chose to be a part of the Republican Collective are members with Sarah Palin, and that wanna be musician with the ponytail Ted Nugent, and Mr. Bundy and Mr. McDaniel in Mississippi who thinks Black American voting as Republicans is a crime, and fill in the blank   ___________________ (add your own name).

And I know I've left out a large number of racist and homophobes in the Collective.  Please add anyone I missed.

Black Americans who join the Collective can't escape what you have joined. You are now a member along with Ted.  

A Republican is someone who believes life begins at conception and ends when that flesh and blood child needs their help.

These good people who put their Religion before their American Responsibilities (now where is that concept a life leading principle?) will not be happy and CONTENT until YOU have been absorbed into their collective.

The Religious Borg want you.

If you disagree with this decision then do 1 of 3 things:
1. Vote
3. VOTE>>>> VOTE and VOTE...... !
And DON'T spend any $$$ at HOBBY LOBBY.

...we cannot but resent, that forty thousand people should be impoverish'd to enrich little
more than forty Merchants, who being the only buyers of our Tobacco, give us what they please for it, and after it is here, sell it how they please; and indeed have forty thousand servants in us at cheaper rates,
than any other men have slaves....

William Berkeley.1676

In the words of that old oil filter commercial, "You can pay me now or you can pay me later."

Republicans need to be pragmatic.  THINK for once in your lives.

It cost a whole lot less to provide health care pre emergency room than it does inside the emergency room.

The cost to assist a mother with birth control is much less than assisting the mother with raising another child.  If Republicans can be NOTHING else, Republicans should use their noggins for something other than a hat rack!

Republicans apparently think America should outsource American justice to the Taliban.

In the case of Bergdahl, simply leave him in Afghanistan and the Taliban will take care of him with their own form of JUSTICE!

A beheading perhaps?

The Republican dominated House of Representatives has VA oversight responsibilities. 


"The standing Committee on Veterans' Affairs in the United States House of Representatives oversees agencies, reviews current legislation, and recommends new bills or amendments concerning U.S. military veterans. Jurisdiction (including the G.I. Bill), vocational training, medical care, and home loan guarantees. The committee oversees the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), veterans' hospitals, and veterans' cemeteries..."

But the Republican dominated House was too busy pursuing important things like the IRS investigation, the Benghazi investigation, the Fast and Furious investigation and any thing else Republicans could waste their time on.

The Republicans have their priorities in order.  And where does Veteran oversight fall on that priority list?  

I think we all know.

I spoke to a Vietnam Veteran friend of mine today. He lost a leg and is now dependent on the VA for health care, especially medication.

He is 66 and is in failing health. I remember as young men riding around in his 1968 mustang gt500 on a Friday night. American Graffiti had nothing on us.

He served less than a year. Returning in 1969 minus his left leg. A few months after his return, I was gone. Drafted and on my way to Ft. Campbell Kentucky.

"Stan," he says, "I've listened to all the rhetoric. 95% of the conversation is what to do with the General and almost nothing about a solution to the problem"

"Remember that 1968 mustang gt500 we used to cruise Jerry's with?" I ask.

"Don't change the subject," he says.

Well, let's not err on the side of saving the planet for future generations....

I always find it interesting that Republicans go on and on ad infinitum about saving the economic future for our children and grand children and great grand children, but seem to care not at all that there may be no planet on which to spend all that cash we leave them.....

Dear Commissioner Mitchell:

Each evening on my drive home from work, I encounter 10 traffic lights. If an alien from either another planet or another time zone were to visit our fair city and encounter those same traffic lights, said alien could only conclude there is NO intelligent life in our fair city.